Running and its Benefits | दौड़ना/ रनिंग और इसके लाभ

Any form of physical activities that you do are beneficial for health be it Running, Jogging, or Weight exercises.
Running is the cheapest and the easiest form of exercise.
Running is the most popular form of physical Exercise. Running is also known as the king of cardio. Running is a form of aerobic exercises.

Running and its Benefits


Running is considered as a high-intensity workout. Running reduces the risk of Cardiovascular disease by about 45 %.
Running keeps the bones healthy and strengthens joints.
When you run the heart rate of the body increases which improves the flow of the blood in the body.

Amazing Health Benefits of Running | रनिंग/ दौड़ना के कमाल के स्वास्थ्य लाभ

1. Running improves your cardiovascular health.
2. Running strengthen the joints.
3. Running burns calories.
4. Running helps in weight loss.
5. Running helps in improving bone density.
6. Running improves the quality of sleep.
7. Running reduces the stress.
8. Running reduces High Blood Pressure.
9. Running keeps eyes healthy.
10. Running reduces the risk of stroke.

Running tips for beginners | बिगिनर्स के लिए रनिंग टिप्स

1. Wear the right running shoes:
There is a different category of shoes which are worn for different purposes. A football kit is not a right shoe, when you are supposed to run on a hard surface – road or cemented path. Therefore, invest in a right pair of running shoes that will help you in long term. A simple tennis shoe is a good option if you have access to a playground or jogging track.

2. Get some good Clothes:
Invest in some good quality training clothes that are made of Nylon or polyester and avoid clothes that are made of 100 % Cotton as they tend to absorb sweet which will cause irritation and will cause infection.

3. Warm up before running:
Before you start your running you need to do some sort of warm-up. Start with Jogging or fast walking before running to avoid any strain or sprain. 

4. Run but not against your body.
You should do running but not against your body, if you are feeling pain during running you should stop and take some break. If you face any severe pain, then consult your doctor.

5. Limbering Down:
Once you start running and continue for a good time, the body temperature increases. Once you stop, there is a decrease in temperature, which should not fall rapidly. Here you should do stretching, slow running on the spot, movement of hand and legs, so that body temperature lowers with low pace. This helps in preventing any injury, especially related to nerves and joints.

6. Drink a lot of Water.
To stay Hydrated during running you need to drink a lot of water through the day. You should also carry a Water bottle with you when you are running but drink water in small quantities.

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